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DUO – DATEV Unternehmen Online

Less time for your bookkeeping - More time for the essentials. Totally safe.

With DATEV Unternehmen online (DUO), we as tax consultants connect with our clients in a completely new way and bundle our resources on a common platform.

DUO is time-saving

Most invoices such as telephone, Amazon, other online providers already receive you digitally as a PDF document by e-mail. With DUO you save yourself the not really useful but common way of printing out the receipt, storing it in the shuttle folder and then sending it to us at the end of the month. Simply place the digital receipt directly into DUO's digital file folder and that's it for you, because at that moment we already have the receipt and we can do our job. Financial accounting by click instead of pendulum file! This saves you time and effort.

DUO is reliable

By electronically archiving your invoices and all other documents, your records will not be lost. Your data is secured by a fourfold redundancy on high-security servers located in Germany. This is not only DSGVO-compliant, but in the event of an accident (e.g. fire, burglary, theft or vandalism) you will always have a copy at hand thanks to the loss-free digital storage of the documents. In connection with a legally required procedural documentation, in which the document replacing scanning is regulated, these worries are completely "swept off the table" for you. In addition, you are able to find any document within seconds and can view it regardless of location.

DUO is transparent

You now always have an overview of your account balance and the associated payment flows. The automatic account retrieval function compares every incoming and outgoing payment so that you can see at any time which payment still needs to be made or which payment reminders need to be sent. Control your company even easier from this cockpit perspective in the future, without having to collect the necessary information individually.

DUO is efficient

Whether employment contracts, sick leave, applications for leave, applications for parental leave, applications for courses of treatment, statistics or travel expense accounts - everything has to be delivered to our office in good time so that we can prepare the necessary wage documents. This exchange of personnel documents is done in DUO with a click of the mouse without any significant effort directly via the scanner and without any time delay to the office. Avoid that important information is forgotten, overlooked or only submitted at the last moment, resulting in incorrect payments. With DUO we can streamline these work processes together.

DUO is uncomplicated & relieving

DUO reads the relevant information directly from the invoices and offers it to you as a remittance slip. This makes your online banking child's play. With just a few clicks, you can transfer your payments to your banking app without having to enter data or change software.
DUO provides you with an uncomplicated overview of your order and accounting system, enables you to easily maintain master data and facilitates your successful cooperation with your tax advisor in every respect.

DUO is environmentally friendly

Paperless offices have been the dream of every entrepreneur for years and with DUO we are getting quite close to this idea. Together we can do so many tasks more efficiently and at the same time protect the environment. Join us in saving tons of paper for wage evaluations, copies of receipts and many other documents and also reduce your printing costs and the associated ozone emissions.

We set up DUO together with you

When setting up DUO, our team will accompany you every step of the way and provide you with competent support in all areas, from hardware and software installation to the necessary applications and connections. In individual consultations in advance, DUO is specified for your company and adapted to your needs, so that you can work more efficiently and successfully on the really important tasks of your company.

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