A strong team

Our guarantee for satisfied clients and the company’s success

A strong team, consisting of motivated and skilled employees, guarantees satisfied customers and therefore the success of our company. We are proud of the various awards we have received in specialist journals, which we achieve as a result of continually improving our standards and quality.

Manuel Finder-Schümann – Team – Dr. Knabe
Manuel Finder-Schümann

business graduate, tax adviser, authorized signatory

Dr. Stephan Knabe – Team – Dr. Knabe
Dr. Stephan Knabe

business gradutate, tax advisor, public auditor, international tax law planner

Sabine Paul – Team – Dr. Knabe
Sabine Paul

business graduate, MBA, chief auditor, authorized signatory

Susann Hänsel – Team – Dr. Knabe
Susann Hänsel

business graduate, tax adviser, authorized signatory

Florian Sprenger – Team – Dr. Knabe
Florian Sprenger

tax adviser, authorized signatory

Ingmar Böhm – Team – Dr. Knabe
Ingmar Böhm

assistant tax consultant, team leader payroll accounting

Melanie Held – Team – Dr. Knabe
Melanie Held

international tax law planner, authorized signatory

Henning Rolfes – Team – Dr. Knabe
Henning Rolfes

M.Sc., tax adviser

Mike Dembnicki – Team – Dr. Knabe
Mike Dembnicki

tax adviser

Karoline Reißland – Team – Dr. Knabe
Karoline Reißland

executive assistant, team leader

Julius Antonicek – Team – Dr. Knabe
Julius Antonicek

Jacqueline Behrendt – Team – Dr. Knabe
Jacqueline Behrendt

M.A., auditor

Annika Bleks – Team – Dr. Knabe
Annika Bleks

Jenny Braschke – Team – Dr. Knabe
Jenny Braschke

tax specialist

Katja Deumer – Team – Dr. Knabe
Katja Deumer

business graduate, balance sheet accountant

Susanne Domhardt – Team – Dr. Knabe
Susanne Domhardt

balance sheet accountant

Anna Feichtinger – Team – Dr. Knabe
Anna Feichtinger

B.A., tax assistant

Tim Fietz – Team – Dr. Knabe
Tim Fietz

Justin Fischer – Team – Dr. Knabe
Justin Fischer

assistant tax consultant

Jessica Fitzek – Team – Dr. Knabe
Jessica Fitzek

assistant tax consultant

Yvonne Freiwald – Team – Dr. Knabe
Yvonne Freiwald

assistant to acountant

Olaf Göransson – Team – Dr. Knabe
Olaf Göransson

payroll accounting

Alexandra Handke – Team – Dr. Knabe
Alexandra Handke

B.Sc., accounting assistant

Christina Holz – Team – Dr. Knabe
Christina Holz

assistant to audit

Victoria Hübler – Team – Dr. Knabe
Victoria Hübler

assistent auditor

Tobias Kade – Team – Dr. Knabe
Tobias Kade

assistant tax consultant, bachelor professional of accounting (CCI)

Steffen Kascheike – Team – Dr. Knabe
Steffen Kascheike

assistant tax consultant

Angela Kastner – Team – Dr. Knabe
Angela Kastner


Daniela Klapproth – Team – Dr. Knabe
Daniela Klapproth


Melanie Knörck – Team – Dr. Knabe
Melanie Knörck

assistant tax consultant

Jaroslav Kurtsev – Team – Dr. Knabe
Jaroslav Kurtsev


Susanne Lindner – Team – Dr. Knabe
Susanne Lindner

assistant tax consultant

Irina Michelle – Team – Dr. Knabe
Irina Michelle

M.A., auditor

Sarah Mix – Team – Dr. Knabe
Sarah Mix


Ralph Mlodzian – Team – Dr. Knabe
Ralph Mlodzian

assistant tax consultant, balance sheet accountant

Imke Müller – Team – Dr. Knabe
Imke Müller

executive assistant

Amira Peust – Team – Dr. Knabe
Amira Peust


Lisa-Marie Prästin – Team – Dr. Knabe
Lisa-Marie Prästin

assistant tax consultant

Fiona Rech – Team – Dr. Knabe
Fiona Rech

assistant tax consultant

Moritz Reichel – Team – Dr. Knabe
Moritz Reichel

student trainee

Jan Reisenweber – Team – Dr. Knabe
Jan Reisenweber

facility manager

Kevin Schünke – Team – Dr. Knabe
Kevin Schünke

tax assistant

Pero Sisgoreo – Team – Dr. Knabe
Pero Sisgoreo

assistant tax consultant, balance sheet accountant

Robin Steinmetz – Team – Dr. Knabe
Robin Steinmetz

student trainee

Alexander Thiede – Team – Dr. Knabe
Alexander Thiede

tax specialist, balance sheet accountant

Lorenz Tramp – Team – Dr. Knabe
Lorenz Tramp


Tim Zarse – Team – Dr. Knabe
Tim Zarse

assistant acountant

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